about Nanny

Yes, there really is a Nanny! She arrived at New York's Ellis Island from County Galway, Ireland aboard the SS Saxonia at the tender age of 17, with her 12 year old sister at her side and a grand total of $10 in her wallet. From the moment she landed in the U.S., she never looked back. Ask her what her favorite thing about America is and she won't hesitate: "The freedom!" The freedom to work, to play, to dance.

Like many Irish girls of the time, she learned to knit as a child and was soon making socks for the entire family. Now, she knits because she wants to, not because she has to. Our family has been blessed with an abundance of knit hats, scarves, socks, and afghans. Babies have worn crocheted baptism outfits; toddlers haved donned cozy fisherman knit sweaters.

When friends and other family members began requesting more and more knits, NannyGramTM was born. Together with a network of knitters in New England, Nanny is still knitting today!

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